地點:臺北縣政府縣民廣場 Taipei County Plaza
時間:2008/11/15 - 12/04 13:00-23:00



透過LIGHT.SCAPE展覽而邀請英國知名藝術團體United Visual Artists 的多媒體聲光數位互動裝置作品‘Volume’來台展出。以光柱為地景的裝置,瞬間也化身為一沒有實牆的建築空間,不僅是城市與空間美學的重新佈局,更讓人在其中漫步嬉遊,從遠處也看見了人與空間地景的重新對話與互動。

By no means light and architecture could be set apart. Similar to an amplifier in a high-fidelity system, a building is just mere that of itself without light. If a structure is sturdy, with light, it becomes stately and grand. If a building has a simple curve, with light, it becomes alive. While, city's skylines is noticeable during daytime. It is during the night, when lit up, that makes it memorable.

However, as building becomes taller, as city becomes denser, the affinity between light and structure is less. And more importantly, the audience that once looked up to see aerial ballad no longer do so. Hence, Volume, an visual experience by world renowned creative troupe United Visual Artists (UVA), will no only re-emphasis the association between light and urban setting. But like its earthly counterpart, to allow people to interact with something they have only seen from afar.

Volume at the V&A from United Visual Artists on Vimeo.




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